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Product name:
  • 2 Wire Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Detector ES-5008OSD-2 Model: ES-5008OSD-2
    2 Wire Conventional 
    Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Detector
    Remote LED indicator.  
    SMT adopted,high stability. 
    Dustproof,mothproof and anti-light interference design. 
    Power-off reset.


 2 Wire Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Detector

Power supply non-polar input:DC 9V~35V             
Stainless steel shield,Anti-RFI. 
Double Sided Glass Fiber circuit board.             
MCU processing adopted,eliminate false alarm.                      
Remote LED indicator.  
SMT adopted,high stability. 
Dustproof,mothproof and anti-light interference design. 
Power-off reset.                       Detection sensitivity:2.06%/ft  
Dimension: Φ100*46mm .          

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