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Product name:
  • Frequency Adjustment Mutual Active Infrared Fence Detector Model: ES-10100F
    Frequency adjustable
    Mutual Active Infrared Fence


 1.4 Channel of frequency adjustment  mutual active infrared fence detector 

2.Can be installed at door,window,passage etc
3.Aptitude judgement,prevent traditionally false alarm
4.Recognize object,can distinguish size of traversing object,will not alarm when the intruder is a cat or a dog
5.Anti-cutting function disturbs technology
6.Anti-rain function can be used outdoor of wet places
7.Alarm Indication: Buzzer buzzing
8.Install and debug easily
Model ES-02F ES-04F ES-06F ES-08F ES-10F
Number of Beams 2 4 6 8 10
Product Length 36cm 70cm 120cm 160cm 200cm
Outdoor Alert Distance 5m 10m 20m 40m 60m 80m 100m
Indoor Alert Distance 15m 30m 60m 120m 180m 240m 300m
Application Factory,School,Villa,Hospital,Store
Working Voltage 10.5-15V DC
Working Current ≤50mA
Response Time ≤40ms
Alarm Output NC/NO
Contact Capacity 0.5A 125V AC,1A 24V DC
Tamper Output NC
Alarm Indication Buzzer buzzing
Trigger Method Breaking of two adjacent beams
Beam Adjustment 180 degree

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