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Product name:
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Control panel with TFT display ES-1100F Model: ES-1100F
    2 Zones(ES-1102F) and 4 Zones(ES-1104F) models optional
    TFT display
    Nice apperance
    Connect 2 wire detectors

Microprocessor technology;
Show real time, user can adjust the time; 
Control panel and detector use 2 wire connection;  
Can record and enquire 999pcs alarm information; 
Separate display, setup, alarm, failure, test, disable operation for each zone and each zone’s status could be recorded; 
Panel can comprehensively check external connected enquirements; 
Easy key operation. Display model use colorful TFT combined with LED;  
Alarm for short circuit and open circuit of both input and output lines. Assure the reliable connection of external devices; 
Auto check function. Check if each zone and system display module work properly; 
Panel has alarm delay fucntion. User could choose delay time; 
Dimension: 300*210*100mm

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