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Product name:
  • GSM Alarm Ssystem with 4 wired zones ES-2003GSMU Model: ES-2003GSMU
    4 wired zones + 24 wireless zones
    Low power & AC power cut alarm
    NO & NC relay supported
    GSM alarm system


 GSM Alarm Ssystem with 4 wired zones + 24 wireless zones

1.  Fundamental function of the system
1)   Support multi GSM bands,  GSM850/900/DCS1800/1900 MHz
2)   The main panel has the option which supports Alarm center , please  check when selecting, this panel:      
Does not support alarm center        
Supports Ademco Contact ID format alarm center  
Support GPRS alarm receiving center
3)  Support 8 group alarm phone numbers (2 for receiving centers , 4 for alarm numbers  and 2 for low power reporting)
4)  Support 4 wired detectors.
5)   When the alarm is activated, user could select: both dialing number      and send short message, only dialing, only sending message or either      dialing nor sending message.
6)   Indicates up to 99 Activated Zone numbers when alarming and coding.
7)   Set the system status(Arm, Disarm etc.) by remote telephone or SMS.
8)   User can control the main panel through sending phone messages.
9)   Voice prompt when operation.
10) One output voltage ,output  +12V power supply for wired detectors.
11) One relay output  for customer application.
12) Detector  reports when in low power.
13) Reports when power off
2. Basic kits configuration
Main panel                                    1 set  
Power supply                               1 pc
Pet-immune motion detector    1 pc            
Wireless Door detector              1 set
Remote controller                        2 pcs
GSM antenna                               1 pc
 IExternal siren                            1 pc          
User manual                               1 pc
2.2K Pin resistance                    8 pcs

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