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Product name:
  • WIFI + GSM Alarm System Model: ES-VCARE
    WIFI + GSM Alarm System

    *Low battery alert and status detection(Sensor)
    *Scan QR code to add new sensor,simple&fast
    *Android & IOS App operation
    Alarm function:
    1、Invasion, emergency, leakage alarm function 
    2、Temperature and humidity 
    3、Alarm view functions, operating records 
    4、The latest news release function 

    HD Camera:
    1、Whenever and wherever real-time observation of children's growth 
    2、Two-way talk with family 

    The old man's health :
    1、SOS call for help
    2、Medical mergency call for help(elderly people care)
    3、Get lost video to remind and positioning

WIFI + GSM alarm system (NEW)
*Low battery alert and status detection(Sensor)
*Scan QR code to add new sensor,simple&fast
*Android & IOS App operation
Alarm function:
1、Invasion, emergency, leakage alarm function 
2、Temperature and humidity 
3、Alarm view functions, operating records 
4、The latest news release function 
HD Camera:
1、Whenever and wherever real-time observation of children's growth 
2、Two-way talk with family 
The old man's health :
1、SOS call for help
2、Medical mergency call for help(elderly people care)
3、Get lost video to remind and positioning 
Wireless configuration mode:Scan QR code
RF frequency :433MHz
The power adapter:AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Standby power consumption:< 0.6W
The battery support time ≥10h
Temperature: -45~+60℃
Humidity: ≤95% 
Wireless distance:100-200m(Open area)
Main Functions:
1. All the setups through your smart phone Apps, android and iOS App, clearly and easily.

2. It’s able to add maximum 100 users.
3. Comes with 3 SMS text message numbers and 3 call numbers.
4. Comes with 99 wireless zones, 8 fire alarm zones, 8 emergency zones, 8 medical calls, 4 water leakage zones, and 2 wired
zones, 20 remote controllers.
5. Adding extra sensors by scanning QR code, it’s more easy and convenient.
6. Two-way communication.
7. With IP Camera moniotoring.
8. Built-in timely arm, disarm and setup home mode function. (maximum 3 different time.)
9. With self-detecting temperature, humidity and be able to setup over-temperature alert.
10. WIFI failure or GSM network failure alert
11. Door/window open alert
12. Monitor the status for the sensors.
13. Remind of the sensors with low battery
14. Delay alarm, delay arm and delay disarm (0 to 99s for optional)
15. The ringing time of the siren is able to DIY setup.(0 to254s or keep warning)
16. With wireless emission function, control 99 wireless sirens.
17. Remote control via text message and phone keypad.
18. With Home mode setting
19. External power fail or recovery remind function.
20. Siren remind when arming, disarming by remote control
21. SMS remind when arming, disarming by remote control

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