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Product name:
  • Touch keypad GSM Alarm System with LED indication ES-2024GSM Model: ES-2024GSM
    Touch keypad, concise LED display. 
    Internal antenna
    IOS apps & Android apps supported
    433/868MHz optional


1.Touch keypad, concise LED display. Nice looking and easy operation. 
2.Compatible with GSM network, reports alarm events by calling and SMS.
3.Use SIM card,up to 6 phone numbers can be dialed in sequence when alarming. Each number can be set as phone call alarm or SMS alarm according to actual needs.
4.16 wireless zones,8 wired zones optional.
5.Record up to a 10 second voice message.
6.LED indicates alarm zone NO. SMS inform zone NO & sensor name.
7.5-ways of arm/disarm:SMS, remote controller, built-in keypad, wireless keypad(optional device), phone call.
8.Non-volatile chip, information stored automatically when off power.
9.One-key arm,learning sensors to alarm host, very easy operation.
10.Built-in Li-Ion backup battery, available in ACDC. System self-check, alert of low backup battery power.

11. GSM bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

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