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Product name:
  • GSM Alarm System with 3 relay outputs ES-2011GSM Model: ES-2011GSM
    3 relay outputs;
    2 wired zones, 12 wireless zones;
    GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz


GSM alarm system with 3 relay outputs ES-2011GSM

Wavecome GSM module;
Support English/Spanish/Chinese/Russian voice reminder;
2 wired zones, 12 wireless zones;
3 Relay out to control your home appliances, DVR,etc;
With Partial arm function;
Can connect external Mic;
Forward the SMS of SIM card in the system to your mobile phone;
When GSM signal is low,auto send SMS to remind users;
GSM 900/1800/850/1900MHZ for you option;
Wireless frequency 315/433MHZ;
It can work with wired & wireless PIR, door/window sensor, smoke/gas detector, glass break sensor etc. Each wireless zone can match many wireless sensors;
You can pre-record your voice in the system and it will call you or the police -and play the pre-record voice when it is alarming;
It will send SMS to 3 mobile phones and auto-dial 3 phones to inform the users;
You can listen what is happening inside your house whenever & wherever;
You can program and control the system by keyboard,remotes, sms or phone.   Even you are outside your house,you can remotely control the system wherever;
Send SMS to inform you which zone is alarming and will call you or the police;
You can change the zone name & content by SMS;
You can inquiry the status by sending SMS to the system;
It has the voice reminder when operating the system;
It has password protection,you need to input passwords when control it;
You can use any phone to call the system and anyone inside your house -can talk to you by using a intercom provide by us;
With Backup rechargeable battery,it can work when the power is failure or cut by intruder.It gives you 24 hours protection;
It will send SMS to inform you when the power is failure or returns to normal;
It can send alarm signals to monitoring center through GSM network to the police station or management centre.

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