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  • GSM alarm system with LCD display ES-2050GSM Model: ES-2050GSM
    GSM Alarm System with LCD Screen ES-2050GSM
    1 wireless SOS zone, 1 fire alarm zone, 24 wireless guarding zones, 1 external power failure alarm zone, 2 wired alarm zone.


 GSM Alarm System with LCD Screen ES-2050GSM

1. Auto detect doors and windows closed properly

2.Built-in SIMCOM, double frequency GSM module (SIM300 or SIM340)

3. With color LCD show screen and keyboard on the host.

4. 1 wireless SOS zone, 1 fire alarm zone, 24 wireless guarding zones, 1 external power failure alarm zone, 2 wired alarm zone.

5. Send SMS to 3 group mobile numbers and call to 3 preset telephone numbers by turns while alarming.

6. 10 seconds self-recording alarm voice will be sent out when alarming, support monitor and intercom function.

7. Arm/disarm/partial arm/partial disarm by keyboard, remote controller, SMS or remote telephone/mobile phone.(disarm by keyboard need password)

8. Timing control arm/partial arm/disarm.

9. Program the alarm host by keyboard or SMS.

10. Modify the name of 26 wireless guarding zones and inquire the status of alarm host by SMS demand.

11. Define the 26 wireless guarding zones as arm/partial arm by keyboard on the alarm host.

12. With standby rechargeable battery

13. The alarm host automatically stores system status, while its power is off.

14. Connect with the alarm center through GSM network.

15. Check the host's status by SMS

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