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Product name:
  • Wired Wireless PSTN GSM Alarm System with LCD (ES-2040GSM-B) Model: ES-2040GSM-B
    4 wired + 10 wireless zones


 Wired Wireless PSTN GSM Alarm System with LCD (ES-2040GSM-B)

Main Features
Fashionable and high-tech touch keyboard
2. 128X64 dot matrix display in both Chinese and English language. The built-in clock is convenient for time checking.
3. Original operation system for the main unit allows simple operation.
4. Support card access control system, needless to carry the traditional remote control.
5. 4 wired and 10 wireless zones, each can support 10 detectors (the maximum is 100).
6. Code pairing for up to 8 wireless remote controls. 
7. Built-in intercom speakers with high acoustic quality and large volume.
8. Arm/disarm at regular time.
9. Preset 6 alarm phone numbers, which the main unit shall dial automatically to make voice alarm.
10. Preset 3 SMS numbers, to which the main unit shall send the alarm SMS automatically.
11. 10s of manual recording.
12.  Built-in digital voice announcer, which shall report alarm conditions automatically.
13. Built-in SMS in English/Chinese, which shall be sent automatically.
14. Telephone function, allowing communication with any phone via the main unit dialing.
15. One key control to arm the system via remote control or telephone when at home or outside.
16. Programming for alarm place: help-seeking, fire, gas, door lock, living room, window, balcony or surrounding alarm.
17. Various programming functions for zones, such as real time, delayed, 24 hours and bypass.
18.  Learn the code pairing through wireless way. It is easy to add new parts in safe and efficient way.
19. Various functions, such as remote control, system arming/disarming, monitoring and intercom.
20. Inquire event recording: the main unit can record all the information of 40 alarm events automatically.
21. Multi-arming modes: real-time arming via remote control, delayed system arming when outgoing, arming at home, arming at appointed time, remote arming via phone.
22. Maintain the top priority of alarm: If there is alarm while calling, no matter incoming or outgoing, the main unit shall hang up call and dial the alarm phone immediately.
23. Built-in lithium battery with high capacity to enable alarm while power-off.
The system will be more secure if use GSM+Line alarm

Technical Parameters of Host

Input Voltage: DC12V /1.0A
Standby Current: <35mA
Alarm Current: <450mA
Wireless Frequency: 315/433.92MHz, 2262/4.7MΩ
GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Backup Battery: NI-HI AAA*6 DC7.2V
Alarm Loudness: 110dB

Standard Package Kit
1. Alarm host (main unit)--1 pc

2. Wireless door/window magnetic contact--1 pc
3. PIR sensor--1pc
4. Romote controllers--2pcs
5. Siren--1pc
6. Power supply--1pc

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