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Product name:
  • IOS Android apps GSM alarm system ES-2003GSM Model: ES-2003GSM
    IOS,Android apps Control
    Internal Antenna
    white & black colors optional
    Engish, Russian, German, Frence, Spanish, Chinese, etc.


 iOS / Android apps Supported GSM Alarm System with Internal Antenna

1. Slap-up apperance,internal antenna, nice handle feeling
2. English language SMS and voice reminder. 5 languages supported, can send SMS to switch the language Chinese/English/Russian/Spanish/German.
3.2 wired zones and 12 wireless zones,can work with wired&wireless sensors.Each zone has independent arm/disarm functions,Each wireless zone can use countless wireless sensors.
4.Can choose the siren on/off once you send the SOS alarm via panic button.
5.With voice reminder when users operate the system.
6.Works with external Microphone, external speaker.
7.When GSM signal is weak or there is no signal, it will send SMS or sound the siren to inform users.
8.Users can pre-record a voice message in the system and playback when system is alarmed
9.Send SMS text to 3 mobile phones and auto-dial 3 phones to inform the user
10.Users can use any phone to listen what is happening inside the building where the alarm is installed.
11.Program and control the system by keyboard, remotes, SMS or phone.
12.Send SMS to inform users which zone is alarming and will call users when the system is triggered.
13.Use SMS to change the zone name & content, inquiry the system status wherever
14.Password protection, System will inform users when an incorrect password is tried 3 times
15.Use any phone to call the system and anyone inside the house -can talk to you through a speaker
16.With Backup rechargeable battery, system can work > 15 hours even if there is a power failure.
17.Send SMS to inform you when there is a power failure or returns to normal

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