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Product name:
  • 7" Touch Screen GSM Alarm System ES-X6 Model: ES-X6
    7" touch screen
    IOS,Android apps Control
    Internal antenna
    GSM+PSTN dual network optional
    Li batteries for whole set, rechargeable


 Touch screen GSM alarm system

1.7 inch color touch screen;Smart Phone APP
2.Languages optional:English, German, French, Russian, Italian,Hebrew;
3.31 wireless zones,8 wired zones optional; GSM or GSM+PSTN dual network optional
4.Max 5 groups phone numbers, alarm call in first priority; 
5.Every group telephone number can be individually set to transfer alarm info by SMS or phone call;
6.Zone detection notification in disarm status,can monitor the kids’ track;
7.Can set Pass By ON/OFF, zone type, Entry Delay ON/OFF for each zone;
8.Zone name, installation position and sensor name will be displayed when system alarms;
9.With non-volatile chip, information will be stored automatically if power is off;
10.Optional smart functions, including check door\window status or voltage status automatically, low voltage of host or sensor alarm, uploads low voltage status to CMS;
11.Support optional wireless “ding-dong” doorbell;
12.GSM alarm host can arm/disarm system by phone call, or SMS, or wireless remote controller, or host keypad, or wireless operation keypad;
13.Notification when low voltage, landline cut and low power supply;
14.Can store max 99 alarm records and 100 operation records.

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