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Product name:
  • 12V 4-channel Wireless Remote Control Switch ES-K400C Model: ES-K400C
    12V 4-channel Wireless Remote Control Switch
    Learning Code


 12V 4-channel Wireless Remote Control Switch

1.Technical Parameters

Channel 4
Working voltage DC12v customized 6V, 9V, 24V
Receive frequency 280--480MHz
Encoding type Learning code 
Working mode Non-lock, interlock, self-lock
Size 80*50*15mm
Weight 57g (without case), 80.2g (with case)






It is Widely used in motorcycles, automobiles anti-theft anti-lost personal alarm products, home security system products, etc.  


2. Operation ways

1) Learning : press the learning button, the indicator is on, then press any key on remote control, the indicator is flashing three times. It is OK.

2) Delete the code: Press the learning button a few seconds until the indicator is off. It is OK.

Notice: link it with short-circuit block   Self-locking

                 without short-circuit block →  non-lock

3)On the back of receiver board marks : K, G, B

 K is the relay normal open connector

 G is the relay public connector

 B is the relay normal closed connector.



•   Works in a multitude of different systems

•   Learning function

•   Low power usage

•   Anti jam capability

•   Stable performance

•   Easy to install and easy to use

•   Remote control has extendable aerial


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