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Product name:
  • 2/4/6/8 Channel Remote Control ES-9106B Model: ES-9106B
    2/4/6/8 Channel optional


 2/4/6/8 Channel Remote Control ES-9106B

Technical Parameters
Modulation Type: Reliable ASK technology
Working Voltage: DC12V
Operating Current: 15-40mA
RF Output Power (ERP) @433MHz: 3-15mW
Transmitting Distance: 500-1000m (1500-3200 ft.)*
Encoding Type: Fixed Code (2260, 2262, 2264, HT12E, etc.), Learning Code (1527, 527, RT1587, etc.), Rolling Code (HCS301)**
Encoding Method: Soldering or by dip switches - Fixed Code / Auto code learning - Learning Code and Rolling Code
Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz, can be customized from 250MHz to 450MHz (SAW filter stabilized)
Channel / Button Number: 6
Battery: 12V 23A Alkaline
Dimension: 85mm x 37mm x 18mm
Operating Temperature: -20° to 72°C (-4° to 161.6°F)

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